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seventrees Seven trees Infratech Pvt. Ltd. is promoted by professional group who has experience of construction for more than a decade and has built hundreds of homes and commercial property. He has already delivered various successful projects in Gwalior. To achieve this objective, the company is working on seven fundamental principles, The company is well known in Gwalior, especially for the open mindness and adoption of innovative ideas in building and construction The idea behind the company is to provide homes to the people at good locations having affordable prices with all the modern amenities of garden, club house, parking, security etc. & quality construction.

  • Affordable: Offering the customers at a very competitive price at which the mass people can afford to buy home.
  • Committed: Whatever is committed to the client is to be implemented without failure at whatever cost it may attract.
  • Customized: Offering customers with customized solutions to their homes for better experience.
  • Quality: Providing best of quality construction in terms of strength, luxury & finish.
  • Responsive: To be responsible for after sales service, maintenance & behaviour.
  • Timely: Delivering homes with in committed time.
  • Trust: Building trust with its customers for long term relationship with safe investments.

Company has big team of professionals comprising of civil engineers, MBA’s, legal advisors, tax consultants and marketing executives who take cares that right product is built at right cost and delivered on time to right customer at right price.

swami komalanand saraswati


He is the key person in the company and entrepreneur with bachelor of Commerce and a well-known person in finance.

He is well known person in Gwalior for real estate and his commitment towards providing quality homes.

swami komalanand saraswati


He is graduate in Computer Science Engineering and MBA in Marketing and Systems.
Has worked as Business Analyst in Satyam Computers Service Ltd., Chennai.
He has delivered various residential projects in Gwalior.

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